New Roulette Themed Calendar Being Printed Now

new roulette calendar USA

Proper organization is important for the development of any activity. Without it, the tasks we undertake will be done haphazardly. People will take longer to achieve what they set out to achieve. Or worse, they may not be able to achieve their aim at all. Certain tools are necessary for effective organization. Some of them include a spreadsheet showing the projects to be executed, project management software, a calendar, etc. This piece will be focusing on the latter and how a new roulette themed calendar is being printed now.

Importance of Working With a Calendar


Most individuals are of the opinion that calendars are only necessary for checking dates. This was largely due to the fact that calendars were printed on paper. These days, calendars now do more than just helping you check dates as they are now available in soft copies. As a matter of fact, they play important roles in project management.

Some calendars serve as reminders that will notify you when you have an intending task that needs completion. There also exist more sophisticated ones that you can synchronize with a spreadsheet or project management application. Doing this will enable you to access the contents of your project from your calendar.

The features above will help you execute your projects in an orderly manner. Calendars are also useful in completing any activity that you set out to do effectively and efficiently. You can also use calendars to prioritize your pending tasks and projects. They represent a huge help because your free schedule is identified and you can adequately plan on how to relax and enjoy.

Roulette Themed Calendar and the New Casino App

mobile app

Regarding the development of themes, online casinos get the ideas for their themes from various environments. There are online casino games with opera themes, others are powered by dog ​​themes. In addition, some slot machines design are inspired by movies. This time, the reverse is the case as it will be another medium that will be drawing inspiration from casinos.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Experts are of the opinion that having a roulette game is an important feature for a credible online casino. In this regard, some online casinos are working with a software development company to reward roulette players with an app that reflects their favourite game. This company is set to roll out a roulette-themed calendar and it will have features like task synchronization and reminders from the Google calendar app.

The app will incorporate the different types of roulette games like American, European, Double Ball, Multi Wheel, Rapid and Mini roulette. The various types of roulettes will serve as the different calendar themes. There is not yet confirmation whether the themes will be pre-installed on the app itself or users will have to install the themes separately as extensions. The app is rumored to have a logo similar to the popular Las Vegas logo. It is also in its finishing stages and should be launched before the end of the year.

Over 11 online casinos have already indicated interest to sponsor the development and advertisement for the app. These casinos will receive the beta version of the app to trial test it. The software company wants the calendar to be printed for use. However, this can only be after the official launch of the software.

New Casino App to be Featured in

play testing

App reviewers at will be reviewing the new app by testing it heavily on a plethora of mobile devices. They will be hunting down any bugs which they might come across, analyzing the visuals, interacting with the UI, playing the games themselves and also reporting about their experience without any bias. We are eagerly awaiting their review and if you would like to be in the know, you can follow them on their website.


Top South Africa Events You Cannot Miss in 2020

Feel the beauty of our country that is exceptional by organizing short stays around the best events in South Africa.

Book a flight and rental car, contact your partner, or surprise your partner and be inspired by these proud South African events.

1. Dance Umbrella

The Dance Umbrella Festival will travel to Gauteng again in late February 2019 to not forget a number of occasional modern dance performances. The festival will introduce established and new choreographers from South Africa and the surrounding area.

2. Soweto Wine Festival and Lifestyle

Enjoy good wine, food and entertainment for two days at the 14th Soweto Wine and Lifestyle Festival on September 6 and 7, 2019 in the Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto. Festival goers can sample excellent South African cuisine and wines by meeting winemakers, exploring the best travel destinations, and discovering new lifestyle brands.

3. Turbines for art exhibitions

Make sure you’re in the Turbine Art Fair row near Newton’s Joburg Turbine Hall for the sixth time in July 2019. It shows contemporary art by new and established artists, live music exhibitions, family entertainment as well as the food on offer and the obstacles on offer. It is the good place!

4. AFI Fashion Week in Cape Town

In March 2019, the AFI Cape Fashion Week is an event not to be missed! The fashion festival organized by the African Fashion Festival brings together the best local and continental creators with important new creators. Former designers include: Nicholas Coutts, Imprint, LaLesso, Sibusiso Mahone, Leandi Mulder and Saalima Abdel – Washib from Morocco.

5. GrandWest Casino and Entertainment Workshop

Learn how to play casino games that are presented by the GrandWest Casino. They will provide an evening of entertainment for you to learn games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. You can play for free and for real money.

The workshop is open from evening till midnight and all players looking to learn how to play casino games must be over the age of 18-years.

6. South African Cheese Festival

Visit the lush vineyards of Sandringham Manor in Stellenbosch from 26 to 28 April 2019 to enjoy the best South African food festival. You will find a variety of cheeses, from everyday cheeses to artisan cheeses, to artisan and gastronomic products, to wine and beer. You can also see famous chefs in the cinema, relax with live music and have fun with other fun activities.

7. Crazy food and wine weekend

The 16th version of the Wacky Wine Weekend, organized by Robertson Wine Valley, will take place from 7 to 9 June 2019 in the majestic Western Cape and will present more than 40 wineries in four days. Important experience! You can enjoy the taste of wine, advice on wines and food, demonstrations of wines and personal tastes with the most prestigious winegrowers of the Robertson Valley, live music, fun activities for children and adventures. Have fun outside.

8. Spark sparkles

The 29th annual water spray organized by KwaZulu-Natal Midlands on 18-22. April 2019, at the foot of the beautiful Drakensberg mountains. Splashy Fen, called “SA Friendsliest Music Festival”, is a three day music festival that attracts thousands of music fans with over 100 international shows. The festival features music, food stalls and fields and is still an integral part of the South African music industry.

9. Vodacom Durban

It is not surprising that this event is always at the top of the social calendar and attracts more than 56,000 people per year in an adrenaline-fueled and fantastic way! Vodacom Durban in July, internationally recognized as the largest horse race in Africa, will be held on July 6, 2019 at the Greyville racecourse in Durban. Contact your local designer and start planning your next equestrian event, Vodacom Durban July!

10. National Art Festival

Make an appointment for the National Art Festival in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, June 27 – July 7, 2019! 11-day comedies, theatre, dance and jazz performances, opera and conferences, workshops, craft shows and children’s art festivals. This is one of the most important events not to be missed! Cultural calendar!


Hottest Events in New Zealand for 2020 and 2021

Get your calendar ready if you fancy heading to or live in New Zealand. Here are the best events so far that are confirmed and lined up ready for you to become part of.

You have everything from study to home improvements.

Be part of the scene and get your social media fizzing like a monks package.

New Zealand Events 2020 + 2021

Unit in the AA cinema : Film events

ASB Showgrounds, Epsom, Auckland

Today is only 1 p.m.

Drive In Cinema presents AA Smartfuel. An attractive look with a classic driving experience! May 27 – June 6 (5:30 p.m., 9:15 p.m. and 1:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday) in the ASB showrooms.

Comedy “Return” All-Stars


Classic non-comedy club, CB, Auckland

From Friday, June 12, 2020 to Saturday, June 27, 2020

Starting Friday May 22nd, the best New Zealand comedians will be working from home … at home to live the comedy. The Classic Comedy Club is brought back to life on Queen Street with contacts, new limited capacities and comfortable social distance.

Winter Pilkingtons and lunch

Gastronomic, gastronomic and oenological events.

Pilkingtons, CBD, Auckland

From that day to Saturday, July 11, 2020

Pilkingtons offers bottomless winter lunches with Graham Norton Prosecco. Due to the high demand, we are pleased to inform you that we will restart Bottomless and Lunch in winter from Saturday to Sunday.

Christchurch Casino: Learn to Win

30 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8013

Tues -Fri, July 12, 2020

Casino class is now open for people that wish to learn how to play and how to win on the best casino games out there. Learn skill, techniques and strategies that could help you to win real money at the casino table.


Family entertainment program.

New Pymouth Racecourse, New Plymouth, Taranaki

Today is Sunday June 14th, 2020

The famous New Zealand circus Zirka Circus is proud to present its sixth tour: Into the Future, which houses the world’s first holographic aquarium. Zirka Circus has been welcoming families to New Zealand for 10 years.

Comedy with some quite good actors


Fringe Bar, Wellington

From Friday, July 31, 2020 to Friday, October 2, 2020

This is a comic show. With good actors. “Good Comedians” are unique comedy shows that show some of Wellington’s best comedy talents and return to new lines.

Swanson station market

Market events and fairs

Swanson station, Swanson, Auckland

From Sunday 7 June 2020 to Sunday 6 December 2020

Update: the April and May sessions are not all long. Swanson station market takes place every first Sunday of the month (except January). Our market has become a major regular event in Swanson.

Farmers market in the village of Matakana

Market events and fairs

Matakana Village Market Place, Matakana, Auckland

Today until Saturday 2 January 2021

The Matakana farmers market on Saturdays is a must. Presentation of craftsmen, breeders and farmers in the Matakana region who are passionate about what they do and produce.

Stretch news and latest songs

Composer events

Arts Inc Heretaunga, Hastings, Hawke / Gisborne Bay

Saturday 20 June 2020

Stretch returns to his first screen of victory, guaranteed by Elton John, and finds cellist Paula Sugden. A new album is in preparation. It is the only result this year.

Sunday Speakeasy: live jazz, burlesque and cabaret

Cabaret, burlesque events

Fringe Bar in Wellington

From Sunday 7 June 2020 to Sunday 6 December 2020

Come with us to the past. Garden, garden! Speakeasy de São Domingo: a wonderful variety wool cabaret, which is drenched every month and comes directly from Gatsby’s wet sleep.

Nature conservation, environmental events.

ZEALAND Bio Reserve, Wellington

Today, Tuesday 30 June 2020

There is no comparable time to visit the New Zealand ecosystem. It is full of wild animals and guides know the right places to see rare wild animals like Tīeke


All the Best Events in Canada to Mark on Your Calendar

Here are all the best events talking place in Canada over the next TWO years.

Get your calendar loaded and be the social butterfly you always wanted to be and have your social media fans see what you get up to inside of Canada.

March 6, 2020

The rise of clean energy worldwide: can Canada keep pace?

The Canadian clean energy sector is small, but growing rapidly. He said the industry has just wiped out the billion dollars in the world market that is expected to triple by the end of this decade. The rise of clean energy is coming: can Canada compete and make money?

March 25, 2020

The future of American energy.

Canada 2020 is pleased to announce that Pulitzer Prize winner and energy visionary Daniel Yergin is coming to Ottawa in March this year for a private dinner. Yergin participates in the discussion Jim Prentice, Vice President and Vice President CIBC.

April 8, 2020

Special occasion: “The Next Big Thing” with Brian Mulroney

What is the next big thing? ”

We asked Brian Mulroney, the eighteenth Canadian Prime Minister responsible for his excellence, this question for this dinner. Whether it’s free trade between Canada and the United States, or the imposition of a tax on goods and services, many of the achievements of its dominance, Brian Mulroney, are major strategic initiatives of choice. important, but still accepted by his government.

April 28, 2020

Special event: Daron Acemoglu – Why countries fail

Why are some countries rich and others poor, broken down by wealth and poverty, health and disease, food and hunger? Is it culture, climate, geography? Maybe ignorance of which policy is right? No one can answer these questions better than Daron Acemoglu, the award-winning author of “Why Nations Fail: The Power of the Origin of Power, Well-Being and Poverty”.

May 8, 2020

Canada 2020 Lecture Series # Voting: Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne

On June 26, 2014, Canada 2020 welcomed Kathleen Wynne, Prime Minister of Ontario, MPP, for a political speech on Wednesday evening. In his speech, the Prime Minister called “the Ontario we want” (a kind of echo in our tent project, we want Canada by 2020), in which a national public transport strategy and areas are Canada’s most populous on the eve of a congestion crisis.

May 20, 2020

Montréal Casino: Job Expo

By opening a new casino wing, you can apply for jobs, chefs, cleaners, traders, croupiers, security guards and more. You will also learn casino games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker. It is advisable to bring identification and you can wear casual clothes, even if you end up having an interview to work at the casino.

June 2, 2020

Special occasion: the American Ambassador Bruce A. Heyman

When former President Obama appointed a new ambassador to Canada it was a new change in 2016 and we are proud to welcome His Excellency Bruce A. Heyman on June 2 in Ottawa for his first official speech in our country.

September 17, 2020

Panel: Innovations in the Canadian energy sector.

Research and innovation are at the heart of the Canadian energy sector. In oil and gas, our growing energy production or renewable sector: research, development and diffusion of new technologies lead to greater efficiency, lower emissions and faster environmental performance .

November 8, 2020

Special events: Canada 2020 and TD present Lawrence H. Summers

Two days after the US elections, Canada 2020 and TD Larry Summers traveled to Ottawa to discuss: the global economy, the US elections and tax cheating: where are we now?

January 30, 2021

The Canada We Want in the 2020 Lecture Series: Competition Issues

Strong market competition is a key driver of business innovation, which contributes most to productivity growth, protecting key sectors of the Canadian economy from the full force of global competition, sometimes even among the provinces.

October 23, 2021

Panel: Big Data and the future of progressive politics

Your data, social media and technology have radically changed the way product movements, collection, campaigns and sales are made.

The United States is at the forefront, led by President Obama’s analytical victory in 2012.

Canada 2020 welcomes Dan Wagner and Teddy Goff, two of America’s leading digital architects. United States In Ottawa, for his interesting vision of big data and the future of progressive politics.


Las Vegas Events 2020 and 2021: Miss it and Miss the Attention You Could Get

Time to boost your calendar with all the hottest events that are taking place in the Nevada desert as we bring to you all the must-see and star-in events taking place in the heart of Las Vegas.

You will have access to some incredible life-changing events and witness jaw-dropping performances.

From casino games to UFC fighting, there are no limits and the bar just got raised higher than all your social media friends. The likes will all be yours from 2020 onwards.


Adult Content

Paris Las Vegas

JUN 19 FRI 7:00 PM


Show Creative For House Of Tape At Harrah’s Las Vegas

Harrah’s Las Vegas


7:00 PM


Caesars Palace Las Vegas Casino


Welcome to the international debut of the incredible‘Gamblit Gaming’ This is an all new interactive gambling table for you to play and win on, featuring social fun, competitive games for 3-8 players. Play video games against your friends and win cash. Also experience Craps, Blackjack, Poker, Slots and many other games with your free pass.

UFC International Fight Week

JUN 19 FRI 7:00 PM

T-Mobile Arena

UFC International Fight Week celebrates all martial arts through community / charity events, social gatherings, training seminars, amateur sports competitions, and culminating in a direct UFC Championship.

JULY 9 Thurs 7:00 PM

UFC International Fight Week

T-Mobile Arena

The UFC International Fight Week celebrates all wrestling matches through community / charity events, social gatherings, training seminars, amateur player competitions and completes the UFC live championships.

Other events to lookout for in 2020 and 2021

Reggae Rise Us Right Up Vegas Festival 2020

Sat, Oct 24, 12:00 PM

Reggae Music

Downtown Las Vegas Centre • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $50.00

BBBDDDS Presents: Wakaaaaan Takeova w/ Liquid Mice Stranger + Many More! (Only 18+)

Sat, Sep 12, 7:00 PM

RVLTN Production

Downtown Las Vegas Events Centre • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $40.00

Reggae In The Desert 2020

Sat, Jun 13, 12:00 PM

Reggae Music

Clark County Government Center Amphitheater • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $20.00

2020 Black Las Vegas Food Festival

Sat, Oct 24, 9:00 AM

Food Festival

Las Vegas Woman Magazine Spring Cover Party!


Tue, Jun 23, 5:30 PM

Las Vegas Woman Magazine Party #23

Emerald at Queensridge • Las Vegas, NV


DJ MUSTARD – POOL PARTY –  Marquee Day Club


Tomorrow at 11:00 AM + 7 more events


Marquee Nightclub • Las Vegas, NV


Vintage Market Days® Throw Out The Dead presents “All Things Once Splendid”

Fri, Oct 23, 10:00 AM

1825 Festival Plaza Dr • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $10.00

RVKSTN Presents: Yultron — Mega Rave Prom (Only 18+)

Fri, Aug 7, 8:00 PM

Hard Rock Cafe • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $20.00

2020 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Fri, Jun 26, 3:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $25.00

Copy of Ethan Allen Films Model & Performer Casting!

Sun, Jul 5, 12:00 PM

Community House • Las Vegas, Nevada

Starts at $5.00

2020 USA Innovative Collage Summit LAS VEGAS

Wed, Nov 4, 8:00 AM

Caesars Palace Casino and Hoter • Las Vegas, NV

Starts at $375.00

Las Vegas No Job Fair – Palace Station – aka Stations Casinos


Thu, Jul 17, 12:00 AM

Palace Station Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, NV


Atlantic City, New Jersey Social Events Calendar

Get your content calendar packed and your social media on everyones screens for hundreds and thousands of likes by added as many social events taking place in Atlantic City this year.

Atlantic City has always focused on entertainment, but in recent years Jersey City has become a must for popular Jersey Beach events such as music shows, boxing championships, celebrities, family events in Board Hall and more.

Whether you travel to AC for holidays, sporting events, conferences or meetings, the Jersey coast has a full calendar of events with various events at Boardwalk Hall and attractions in Atlantic City to choose from. Use the options below to search concerts, comedy shows, festivals and much more in Atlantic City. Click on the events list for tickets, location and other details.

Below is information on events in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Boardwalk Hall calendar, and the calendar of conferences and fairs.

Make your date liked by strangers you will never meet

5/6 Bob Seger

Hollywood Nights – The Bob ‘I didn’t do it’ Seger Experience, the highest award for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, arrived at Tropicana Atlantic City on Friday 10 July at 9:00 pm. Hollywood Nights: Bob Seger’s experience taking place in Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City, Play casino games like blackjack, poker, slot machines and more and dine in the casino’s restaurant before the show kicks off.

Get Accommodation for after the show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


This event has been postponed to a new date that has not been announced.

Bigger than ever, the new live tour presents the best production by BOP KIDZ with new sets, costumes, choreography, interactive elements and other surprises. KIDZ BOP Kids, one of 100 decades of the best Billboard magazine, today presents some of the biggest hits on stage.


With the original creation of ILUSIONIST Leon Eitenne, a passion for the magic of tricks and the best illusions in the world exploded on the stage in his famous program “Magic Rocks”. Acknowledged by critics as an “American rock illusionist”, Leon is a worldwide success among the audience, critics and producers. Etienne is known for her charisma on stage, her busy speed, her energetic rock’n’roll presentation style and her unreasonable magical approach.

7 /17 POP TOUR 2020

This tour led by Lance Bass, * NSYNC and Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera and LFO.


Get ready for a “secret moment” with the beautiful Bert Kreischer on your journey from Berty Boy to Atlantic City! Bert moved from Rolling Stone, called Part Nation Part Part in the Nation, to one of the comedy’s main names in 1997 and sold to audiences across the country.


Atlantic City Fan Summit. The decoration of the event is automatic. We celebrate automotive culture, special construction and the world of automotive enthusiasts. Prices, essays and beautiful moments.

New this year! The tread is large sand for SUVs, jeeps, vans, trucks, SUVs and more. All brands and models are welcome. If you can drive in the arena, you can differentiate yourself from this event. Bring!


This event runs from 2 May to 24 July. Follow this link for more information:

With more than 90 dates planned for the 2019 tour, the Little River Band is more fashionable than ever before the event sold on the beach, and remains the legacy of “the best singing band in the world”.


Store The LPGA Classic offers the most user-friendly experience for professional golf enthusiasts. Whether you’re a gray player, a regular fan or just want to spend your day with family and friends on one of the finest golf courses in New Jersey, we have something for everyone.

They invite you to find out why this is the most interesting and unique annual sporting event in South Jersey.


Brian Regan is one of the best comedians in the country. This famous artist arrived at the Borgata event center in July! Brian is the perfect balance of advanced writing and physics, and has filled theaters around the country with fans who have been in love for generations. He did the same here in Atlantic City!


The event was reorganized on April 10th. Follow this link to get the latest information about the event:

Comedian, political commentator and television producer Bill Maher arrived at the Borgata event center in August! He is best known for real-time HBO conversations with Bill Maher and erroneous political appearances at the end of the night.


This event has been moved. More information can be found on the website of the site.

Singer and songwriter Dierks Bentley will perform at Hard Rock Live on Thursday, August 6th.


This event has been moved from April 11th to August 8th. You can find more information at the following link:

Jerry Seinfeld was famous for his comedy, which he wrote and co-wrote with Larry David. Nine years passed. Historically, one of the greatest comedians of all time, Seinfeld is on August 8 at the event center.

10/08 Rod Stewart

The event, to be held at the Rio de Janeiro Conference Center, will bring together more than 200 participants, including the president of the Brazilian Linen Breeders Association (scarf).

 This festival is the perfect time to take part in the whole family, show your love for young open water competitions and see how swimming swimmers take part in the legendary event. All of the festival’s proceeds and collectors will help Green Whales, Inc. and Atlantic County’s young teens successfully swim and ensure water safety!