Get your content calendar packed and your social media on everyones screens for hundreds and thousands of likes by added as many social events taking place in Atlantic City this year.

Atlantic City has always focused on entertainment, but in recent years Jersey City has become a must for popular Jersey Beach events such as music shows, boxing championships, celebrities, family events in Board Hall and more.

Whether you travel to AC for holidays, sporting events, conferences or meetings, the Jersey coast has a full calendar of events with various events at Boardwalk Hall and attractions in Atlantic City to choose from. Use the options below to search concerts, comedy shows, festivals and much more in Atlantic City. Click on the events list for tickets, location and other details.

Below is information on events in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Boardwalk Hall calendar, and the calendar of conferences and fairs.

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56 Bob Seger

Hollywood Nights – The Bob ‘I didn’t do it’ Seger Experience, the highest award for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, arrived at Tropicana Atlantic City on Friday 10 July at 9:00 pm. Hollywood Nights: Bob Seger’s experience taking place in Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City, Play casino games like blackjack, poker, slot machines and more and dine in the casino’s restaurant before the show kicks off.

Get Accommodation for after the show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


This event has been postponed to a new date that has not been announced.

Bigger than ever, the new live tour presents the best production by BOP KIDZ with new sets, costumes, choreography, interactive elements and other surprises. KIDZ BOP Kids, one of 100 decades of the best Billboard magazine, today presents some of the biggest hits on stage.


With the original creation of ILUSIONIST Leon Eitenne, a passion for the magic of tricks and the best illusions in the world exploded on the stage in his famous program “Magic Rocks”. Acknowledged by critics as an “American rock illusionist”, Leon is a worldwide success among the audience, critics and producers. Etienne is known for her charisma on stage, her busy speed, her energetic rock’n’roll presentation style and her unreasonable magical approach.

7 /17 POP TOUR 2020

This tour led by Lance Bass, * NSYNC and Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera and LFO.


Get ready for a “secret moment” with the beautiful Bert Kreischer on your journey from Berty Boy to Atlantic City! Bert moved from Rolling Stone, called Part Nation Part Part in the Nation, to one of the comedy’s main names in 1997 and sold to audiences across the country.


Atlantic City Fan Summit. The decoration of the event is automatic. We celebrate automotive culture, special construction and the world of automotive enthusiasts. Prices, essays and beautiful moments.

New this year! The tread is large sand for SUVs, jeeps, vans, trucks, SUVs and more. All brands and models are welcome. If you can drive in the arena, you can differentiate yourself from this event. Bring!


This event runs from 2 May to 24 July. Follow this link for more information:

With more than 90 dates planned for the 2019 tour, the Little River Band is more fashionable than ever before the event sold on the beach, and remains the legacy of “the best singing band in the world”.


Store The LPGA Classic offers the most user-friendly experience for professional golf enthusiasts. Whether you’re a gray player, a regular fan or just want to spend your day with family and friends on one of the finest golf courses in New Jersey, we have something for everyone.

They invite you to find out why this is the most interesting and unique annual sporting event in South Jersey.


Brian Regan is one of the best comedians in the country. This famous artist arrived at the Borgata event center in July! Brian is the perfect balance of advanced writing and physics, and has filled theaters around the country with fans who have been in love for generations. He did the same here in Atlantic City!


The event was reorganized on April 10th. Follow this link to get the latest information about the event:

Comedian, political commentator and television producer Bill Maher arrived at the Borgata event center in August! He is best known for real-time HBO conversations with Bill Maher and erroneous political appearances at the end of the night.


This event has been moved. More information can be found on the website of the site.

Singer and songwriter Dierks Bentley will perform at Hard Rock Live on Thursday, August 6th.


This event has been moved from April 11th to August 8th. You can find more information at the following link:

Jerry Seinfeld was famous for his comedy, which he wrote and co-wrote with Larry David. Nine years passed. Historically, one of the greatest comedians of all time, Seinfeld is on August 8 at the event center.

1008 Rod Stewart

The event, to be held at the Rio de Janeiro Conference Center, will bring together more than 200 participants, including the president of the Brazilian Linen Breeders Association (scarf).

 This festival is the perfect time to take part in the whole family, show your love for young open water competitions and see how swimming swimmers take part in the legendary event. All of the festival’s proceeds and collectors will help Green Whales, Inc. and Atlantic County’s young teens successfully swim and ensure water safety!